Sunday, June 17, 2007

Stone Arch Bridge Festival of Arts

These pictures were taken during the Stone Arch Bridge Festival of Arts in Minneapolis, MN on June 17.

This first set of pictures was shot while walking around the newly opened Water Power Park on St. Anthony Falls.

Views of the 3rd Avenue Bridge with St. Anthony Falls forming under it:

Water Power Park even had an environmentally-friendly recycled plastic bench:

Views of The Guthrie and the old Gold Medal Flour mill from Water Power Park:

The Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock:

The finish point for the Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock:

A view of the Stone Arch Bridge from Water Power Park:

Views of the Pillsbury Flour Mill (I think the signage is cool, especially when looking at it through the craziness of the power plant.):

A look back at the festival excitement from Water Power Park:

This next set of pictures is of the colorful scene at the festival.

"No Parking" signs don't apply to cool old cars, apparently:

A look back at downtown Minneapolis from the festival:

This final set of pictures was shot on the Stone Arch Bridge itself.

Proof that the bridge is a "Civil Engineering Landmark:"

Just a gorgeous walk along the bridge, heading into downtown Minneapolis:

A boat waiting to enter the lock, entering the lock, the doors closing, the lock filling, and the boat magically reappearing:

Waiting for the boat to reappear:

The view to the south-east from the bridge:

The full magnificance of the Stone Arch Bridge:

Simple Flowers

All of these pictures were taken at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chaska, MN - May, 2007. Posted here are some pictures of tulips, lilacs and crabapple blossoms.